Dermal Fillers for Skin Treatment

A simple way to help achieve a youthful appearance through the use of dermal fillers. Designed to fill in areas of lost volume, these minimally-invasive injectables offer a unique way to combat the signs of facial aging. Take a closer look at how dermal fillers work and find out if they’re the right choice for you.

Understanding Dermal Fillers

Below is some important information that will give you an idea about how dermal fillers can prevent your skin from looking aged and lifeless:

  • How dermal fillers work: The function of dermal fillers is specific. The doctor directly injects a synthetic or naturally derived substance into the brow area, fine lines, the lines at the corners of the nose and the mouth, jawline depressions, hollow areas under the eyes and other similar places. With the injection of this substance, the lines and wrinkles instantly appear filled-in. The skin looks plump to the extent that all depressions, folds and wrinkles disappear.
  • Types of dermal fillers: There is a long list of available dermal fillers. Some are derived from one’s own body while others are made up of a chemical compound. Every filler comes with its own set of pros and cons. There are cost differences as well as longevity variations. For instance, Alloderm is derived from donated cadaver tissue of humans, prepared in a way which holds the underlying structure but in the absence of any cells which could lead to rejection.
  • No ‘Best’ filler: The dermal filler that is best suited to your needs will be decided by your cosmetic surgeon. This also depends on their technique, training, skill and the tolerance level of your skin.

Interested in Learning More About Dermal Fillers? Contact Dr. Orseck.

For more information related to dermal fillers and the skin-treatment procedure, contact Dr. Michael J. Orseck, Magnolia Plastic Surgery. We are located in both Spartanburg and Greer and can be contacted directly at 864.560.6717 and 864.849.9330 respectively. We look forward to hearing from you.



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