How to Get the Body You Desire With SmartLipo

SmartLipo is an effective alternative to a traditional liposuction procedure, due to its minimally invasive nature. It reduces the bruising and side effects when compared to the latter. The FDA-approved technique uses lasers in conjunction with the traditional liposuction technique to remove excess skin in the neck, thigh, chin and other parts of the body. The procedure is suitable for individuals in whom exercise and diet has not yielded in removing excess fat pockets.

Steps and Advantages of a SmartLipo Procedure

  • SmartLipo procedure: The individual is administered local anesthetic prior to the procedure to keep pain and discomfort to a minimum. A pin-sized incision is made in the targeted area by the surgeon to insert the SmartLipo fiber. The laser fiber is placed in a miniscule cannula, which is then inserted into the incision. The heat from the laser breaks down the fat cell membranes causing the fat cells to melt. The skin tissues undergo coagulation as the fat cells melts, causing lesser loss of blood during the procedure. The collagen production in the skin is also stimulated by the laser, causing the ski to tighten. The liquified fat cells are then drained out through suction.
  • SmartLipo advantages: A SmartLipo procedures keeps surgical trauma and downtime to a minimum while offering superior body contouring results. The procedure does not require an surgical stitches, and there are no unflattering post-surgical scars from the process. Unlike traditional liposuction, it does not leave loose skin in the region where the fat has been removed, as the collagen production helps tighten the skin. Individuals can get back to work within a couple of days after surgery, as the surgical recovery period is seen to be speedy with SmartLipo procedures.

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