Top Questions about Latisse®

Millions of women suffer from eyelashes that are thin, or too short. To combat this issue, women may use false lashes or mascara to lengthen the lashes, or make them look fuller. Latisse®  is a prescription treatment that helps lashes to grow longer, giving the patient a more flattering appearance.

Is Latisse® right for you? Let’s answer some questions about this treatment.

Top 4 questions about Latisse.

  1. Will Latisse actually help my eyelashes grow? Yes! Latisse contains an active ingredient called bimatoprost, which stimulates the growth of eyelashes, causing them to become fuller, thicker, and much longer. With continued use, patients can expect to see significant improvements in the appearance of their lashes. The final results will usually take about a month to appear.
  2. Will there be any side-effects to using this product? Latisse is FDA-approved and generally quite safe to use, although like with any treatment it does have the potential for side-effects. Some common side-effects associated with Latisse include redness, itchiness, and skin discoloration.
  3. How should this product be used? Latisse is available only through prescription, and patients must be careful to follow directions whenever they use it. Patients should apply the product to the lashes topically each day, but only after all facial makeup has been removed. While Latisse may not completely eliminate your needs for products like mascara, it will make your lashes visibly fuller and more youthful-looking!
  4. Am I a good candidate for Latisse? Good candidates for Latisse are healthy adult patients who wish to enhance the look and thickness of their eyelashes. Patients who have severe allergies or skin infections are not usually considered good candidates, and patients who are pregnant are also not usually good candidates for the procedure.

Latisse® Treatments in South Carolina

Do you want to improve the appearance of your thin, short eyelashes, and are you tired of using mascara? If so, our South Carolina Latisse® treatment could be the best solution for you! Please contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our office in Spartanburg, SC. We can be reached at 864-560-6717, while our office in Greer, SC, can be reached at 864-849-9330. We look forward to hearing from you.


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