What is Cellulaze?

Cellulite is a troublesome condition in which fatty deposits accumulate underneath skin, causing skin above to appear “dimpled.” Cellulite is most visible on the thighs, buttocks, or legs. While cellulite is more common among women, it may also occur in men, usually as a result of genetics. Unfortunately, cellulite is also resistant to most diet and exercise programs.

If you are bothered by cellulite, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Cellulaze offers an effective solution for cellulite. Let’s take a closer look at some common questions about this innovative treatment:

  1. What is Cellulaze? Cellulaze is a laser-assisted procedure, and the only treatment that focuses exclusively on attacking fat below the skin’s surface. Cellulaze eliminates cellulite by targeting these layers of  fat, leaving patients with a slimmer appearance.
  2. How does the procedure work? Cellulaze is either performed in a doctor’s office, or certified surgery center. Prior to treatment, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area targeted for treatment, and then several small incisions are made. A laser is then placed beneath the skin, delivering heat energy to break up the areas of fat, effectively removing areas of visible cellulite on the surface. The laser energy also helps stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen, enabling skin to become firmer, and stronger. The procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.
  3. Is Cellulaze right for you? Despite what many people think, cellulite is not necessarily a problem that relates to weight. In fact, this treatment is most effective for men or women who are not significantly overweight, and have only mild or moderate areas of cellulite on their thighs or legs. 
  4. What are some of the side-effects of Cellulaze? Cellulaze is considered safe and highly effective for most patients, though some may experience temporary bruising afterwards. In most cases, patients will be able to return to their normal routine immediately following treatment.

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