Am I A Candidate for DIEP Flap surgery?


Many women who have had mastectomies are excellent candidates for breast reconstructive surgery provided they are in good health and have some extra fat and skin of their lower abdomen to be used for the reconstruction.

There are situations which make the DIEP Flap procedure more difficult, although not always impossible, to perform:

  • Previous tummy tuck or liposuction
  • Insufficient donor tissue (an abdomen that is too flat and tight)

In the event that you are not a candidate for the DIEP Flap procedure, it is possible for Dr. Orseck to perform a breast reconstruction using either alternative Flap procedures or implant-based techniques via the tissue expander method. Dr. Orseck will be happy to present all of the options that are available to you.

>> See the DIEP Flap Procedure in Action

Dr. Orseck will be happy to consult with you concerning your best options for breast reconstruction. Call us today at 864-560-6717 or write to us using our online contact form or you can fill out the form below.


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