Hair loss, while common, can be distressing for many individuals. When nonsurgical treatment methods are not enough to slow, stop, or restore hair loss, there are other effective solutions worth considering. Plano, TX hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Orseck, performs Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for patients desiring fuller, natural looking hair. FUE is a minimally invasive hair restoration surgery that uses advanced technology to track and extract hair follicles with precise accuracy and control. The process involves using a small (0.8mm – 1.0mm), rounded instrument or “punch” to remove individual hair grafts. While the FUT (“strip method”) procedure produces wonderful results, the FUE procedure is often preferred because it is minimally invasive as it does not involve the use of a scalpel or stitches, nor does it leave any noticeable linear scars to the back of the scalp. Dr. Orseck offers the state-of-the-art SmartGraft™ hair transplant system for FUE, a technology that blends art and science with technology to create outstanding outcomes for both men and women that last a lifetime.


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