Dr. Orseck is proud to offer his patients the most innovative, automated surgical FUE technology. Using the SmartGraft™ system, individual hair follicles are gently removed by an advanced, suction-assisted hand-piece. These follicles are then safely collected and stored in a temperature-controlled, sterile holding solution. These hairs remain hydrated and robust while awaiting implantation.

Since the SmartGraft™ FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, it does not require a scalpel or stitches, and it leads to virtually zero discomforts for the patient. As a result, this superior method allows for shorter procedure time, enhanced patient experience, and faster recovery.

Why choose a surgeon using SmartGraft™?

There are several older technologies currently available to hair restoration surgeons including automated devices, and even a robot however, they are still fundamentally slow. The SmartGraft technology was designed to provide better visualization for the physician, extract, sort and count the grafts automatically and eliminate a lot of the time consuming physical manipulation of the instrumentation and the grafts themselves.

This revolutionary new technology can reduce harvesting time by 1/3rd of the other existing technologies. The time savings allows the surgeon to perform larger cases in less time. The follicles can be re-implanted sooner which increases the viability of the new grafts.


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