Cases in DIEP Flap

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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

68 year old with right breast cancer who underwent DIEP flap reconstruction.  6 months later she had a left breast reduction/lift to help with symmetry. *Results May Vary*

Bilateral DIEP Flaps

Patient underwent bilateral breast reconstruction with DIEP flaps.  She then had two additional revision surgeries with fat grafting.  3D nipple tattooing done. *Results May Vary*

Breast Reconstruction

28 year old who underwent breast reconstruction with DIEP flap at time of nipple sparing mastectomies for positive BRCA 1 gene.  She then had 1 revision surgery 4 months later with fat grafting to left breast and abdominal scar revision. *Results May Vary*

Breast Reconstruction with DIEP flap

Patient underwent breast reconstruction with DIEP flap at time of bilateral mastectomies.  Three months later, she had second stage surgery with revisions to breast using fat grafting. Finally she had 3D nipple tattooing to complete the breast reconstruction process.   *Results May Vary*

Breast Reconstruction with DIEP Flap

47 year old who had breast reconstruction with bilateral DIEP flaps.  Four months later she had breast revisions with fat grafting.  The patient is thrilled with her results.  She received her breast reconstruction without having to use an implant and an added benefit of removing the lower abdominal apron of skin.

Breast Reconstruction with DIEP flap

51 year old who underwent bilateral DIEP flaps for breast reconstruction.  She then had radiation to breast post procedure.  At 4 months after radiation, she underwent second stage breast reconstruction with mastopexy and fat grafting.  To complete her reconstruction, she had 3D nipple tattooing done.  Patient is thrilled with her results.   *Results May Vary*

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

51 year old with right breast reconstruction with DIEP flap.  Three months later she underwent revisions with fat grafting to right breast and left breast augmentation with lift.  Her final surgery done eight months later with an additional round of fat grafting to right breast.   *Results May Vary*

DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction

Patient underwent bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction following mastectomy for cancer.  She is thrilled with her new breasts, and is a vocal advocate for breast reconstruction *Results May Vary*

DIEP flap breast reconstruction

Patient underwent DIEP flap breast reconstruction.  Her second stage consisted of fat grafting and scar revisions.  She had 3-D nipple tattoo to complete the reconstruction.  Her breasts look better than they did before her mastectomy.  She is very pleased. *Results May Vary*


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