Breast Reduction Surgery In Spartanburg & Greenville

What is breast reduction surgery?

Large breasts can cause pain, improper posture, rashes, breathing problems, skeletal deformities, and low self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery is usually done to provide relief from these symptoms. Performed under general anesthesia, the two- to four-hour procedure removes fat and glandular tissue and tightens skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in a healthier proportion to the rest of the body.

How is breast reduction performed?

During the procedure an anchor-shaped incision is made from the new location of the nipple down to and around the crease beneath the breast. Dr. Orseck removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin, relocates the nipple and areola, and reshapes the breast using skin from around the areola before closing the incisions with stitches.

Liposuction with Breast Reduction

Liposuction may be needed to remove excess fat from the armpit area, and in some cases when only fat needs to be removed from the breasts, liposuction alone is used for breast reduction.

Male Breast Reduction Options

Male breast reduction may be performed using liposuction, surgery or a combination of the two, depending on the amount and type of tissue found in the breasts. If the breasts consist of mostly fatty tissue, liposuction may be used to suction out fat from an incision in the nipple or underarm areas. For breasts with an excessive amount of glandular tissue, excision surgery may be performed, which requires cutting away the excess fat, skin and tissue through a larger incision. Your surgeon, Dr. Orseck, will determine which technique is best for you based on your individual goals for surgery.

What happens after my breast reduction procedure?

Even though there will be some swelling and you’ll need to wear a support bra, you’ll be able to see a difference immediately after surgery. Take it easy during the first two to three weeks and allow your body the time it needs to heal. The scars will be permanent but will fade with time (this often depends on genetics).

For a few days after surgery the breasts are bound with an elastic bandage or a surgical bra and you may be given surgical drainage tubes for fluid removal. Stitches come out in a week and the surgical bra must be worn for about a month.

What is recovery like after a male breast reduction procedure?

After breast reduction surgery, patients will usually be able to return home the very same day. Post-operative symptoms may include swelling and discomfort, which can be managed through pain medication and compression garments worn for the first few days after surgery. Patients will be able to return to work once they feel well enough, but should avoid sexual activity and strenuous exercise for a week or two while the chest heals. For most patients, breast reduction surgery produces a flatter, more well-defined chest that can last for many years, as long as patients maintain a stable weight.

How long does it take to recover from a breast reduction procedure?

Two to four weeks to return to work; four to six weeks to resume strenuous activity.

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